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Villas In Italy

Self Catering holidays are popular in Italy and there are a large variety of villas in Italy available.  Italy is a country with a resort for everyone, from stretches of fine sandy beaches to Mountains and Lakes, large cities of culture and fashion such as Rome and Milan to small hillside villages. The only difficulty with an Italian holiday is deciding what suits you.


Are you looking for the breathtaking Amalfi coast with it's stretches of long sandy beaches and explore Italian gems like Sorrento or may be you prefer the relaxation and countryside surroundings of Tuscany with it's renowned large villas surrounded by vineyards and olives groves.

The Arts

In Italy you can enjoy the cultural and artistic richness this beautiful country has to offer. Well known as a country of the Arts, whether you are after the museums, historical events or cultural masterpieces, Italy has them all preserved and for you to see. The most popular museums are the national archaeological museum in Naples, Abruzzi museums, the archaeological museum of Bologna, Campania museum and Damus Galilaena amongst others.


Italy provides fabulous opportunities for hiking with an equally fabulous back drop. There are medieval hills and lakeside villages that offer a sense of tradition or the years gone by, in beautiful surrounding. Italy has numerous chestnut woods which are a must see to get a true sense of Italy's scenery and diverse range of fauna.


More recently Italy has become a popular golfing holiday destination. In line with the increase in popularity there has been an increase in the number of good quality golf courses available and Italy is fast becoming known as a golfers paradise. There are innumerable golf courses that are counted as a golfer's paradise. Notable courses include the Perugia golf course, Ugolino Golf Club, Zoate golf club and Bologna golf club and  to name a few.


Popular skiing destinations include Val di Fassa, Val Gardena, Val di Fiemme, and Alta Valtellina. Skiing in Ital y is said to be one of the best locations for the sport available.

Eating & Drinking

Everyone knows Italy for Pizza, Pasta and fine wines. Eating out is truly an experience with service general friendly and high quality. In addition to the well known favourites Italy has an abundance of excellent dishes, meats and salads well worth exploring. Besides the food delighting your taste buds, the wines are famous worldwide offering old world wines such as Barolo, Chianti, Brunello and Pinot Grigio at reasonable rates. For a real treat try some of the locally produced wines available too.


Italy is a family friendly destinations, as a country the family is still an important part of every day life and the children form a large part of that. Be assured that families are welcome and wanted almost everywhere.

So once you've decided what it is you want from your holiday in Italy feel free to browse through what we have to have to offer!

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A lovely romantic country villa close to the coast and Bibbano. *Beach: 12km *Shop: 2km *Restaurant: 2km

  • No of Bathrooms : 1
  • No of Bedrooms : 2
  • Sleeps : Std: 4 Max: 4
  • Distance to Restaurants : 2km
  • Distance to Beach : 12km
  • Distance to Shops : 2km
  • Air-Conditioning-Cold-Heat
Starting from:
£ 1058
Per person price: £ 529

Small characteristic farmhouse, situated south of Siena in the heart of the Val di Chiana close to the border of Tuscany and Umbria. *Beach: 25km *Shop: 3km *Restaurant: 3km

  • No of Bathrooms : 4
  • No of Bedrooms : 5
  • Sleeps : Std: 10 Max: 12
  • Distance to Golf : 19km
  • Distance to Restaurants : 3km
  • Distance to Beach : 25km
  • Distance to Shops : 3km
Starting from:
£ 1183
Per person price: £ 591

A charming renovated Tuscan farmhouse just 700m from shops and restaurants in the town of Ambra. *Beach: 101km *Shop: 0.7km * Restaurant: 0.7km

  • No of Bathrooms : 2
  • No of Bedrooms : 4
  • Sleeps : Std: 8 Max: 8
  • Distance to Restaurants : 0.7km
  • Distance to Beach : 101km
  • Distance to Shops : 0.7km
  • Car-Recommended-orange
Starting from:
£ 1635
Per person price: £ 818

Pretty villa set in 6 hectares of woodlands and vineyards with mountain views and yet only 4.5km to the shops and restaurants. *Beach: 120km *Shop: 2.3km *Restaurant: 4.5km

  • No of Bathrooms : 2
  • No of Bedrooms : 4
  • Sleeps : Std: 7 Max: 7
  • Distance to Golf : Poppi: 9km
  • Distance to Restaurants : 4.5km
  • Distance to Beach : 160km
  • Distance to Shops : Porenna: 2.3km
  • Internet-Access-Wi-Fi
Starting from:
£ 1670
Per person price: £ 835

Renovated farmhouse set in 2.5 hectares of grounds with woods, fruit and olive trees and a fenced pool. *Beach:116 km *Shop: 5km *Restaurant: 5km

  • No of Bathrooms : 2
  • No of Bedrooms : 4
  • Sleeps : Std: 8 Max: 10
  • Distance to Restaurants : 5km
  • Distance to Beach : 116km
  • Distance to Shops : 5km
Starting from:
£ 1822
Per person price: £ 911

A truly wonderful traditional farmhouse set in 11 acres of olives groves and vineyards.*Beach: 120km *Shop: 8km *Restaurant: 8km

  • No of Bathrooms : 4
  • No of Bedrooms : 4
  • Sleeps : 8
  • Distance to Restaurants : 8km
  • Distance to Beach : 120km
  • Distance to Shops : 8km
Starting from:
£ 2063
Per person price: £ 1031

Two old farmhouses 20m away from one another, in the heart of the Orcia Valley. Set in a unique location in the middle of an 80ha farm

  • No of Bathrooms : 3
  • No of Bedrooms : 6
  • Sleeps : Std: 12 Max: 12
  • Distance to Restaurants : 7km
  • Distance to Beach : 150km
  • Distance to Shops : 7km
Starting from:
£ 2203
Per person price: £ 1101

Attractive old farm house set in a tranquil spot amongst olive groves and a terraced flower garden. Ponte a Bazzone is just 3km away.

  • No of Bathrooms : 4
  • No of Bedrooms : 5
  • Sleeps : Std: 10 Max: 12
  • Distance to Restaurants : 3km
  • Distance to Beach : 99km
  • Distance to Shops : 3km
Starting from:
£ 3213
Per person price: £ 1607

An impressive and characteristic country house in 'Leopoldino' style, renovated respecting the original building. Superb views and only 2km to Lucignano

  • No of Bathrooms : 3
  • No of Bedrooms : 4
  • Sleeps : Std: 8 Max: 12
  • Distance to Restaurants : 2km
  • Distance to Beach : 113km
  • Distance to Shops : 2km
Starting from:
£ 4137
Per person price: £ 2069

An ancient and imposing farmhouse with converted outbuilding having magnificent views of the 'city of towers' San Gimignano. *Beach: 75km *Shop: 1.6km *Restaurant: 1.6km

  • No of Bathrooms : 7
  • No of Bedrooms : 7
  • Sleeps : Std: 14 Max: 14
  • Distance to Golf : Castelfalfi: 18km
  • Distance to Restaurants : 1.6km
  • Distance to Beach : 75km
  • Distance to Shops : 1.6km
Starting from:
£ 5357
Per person price: £ 2678

Renovated farmhouse in Chianti. Only 6km to the town of Montebenichi. SUrrounded by typical Tuscany olive groves and vineyards views

  • No of Bathrooms : 11
  • No of Bedrooms : 10
  • Sleeps : Std: 24 Max: 24
  • Distance to Restaurants : 6km
  • Distance to Beach : 6km
  • Distance to Shops : 6km
Starting from:
£ 6820
Per person price: £ 3410